Now that the album is out there is still much to do in the sofa camp. We are getting ready for a return to Liverpool and the brilliant International Pop Overthrow festival in May, Pete’s already booked his room so he’s in for a great weekend and so the many thousands that flock to this magical city

Believe me, while the album was being put together a whole bunch of other songs were written in the meantime so while we are rehearsing for our Liverpool return we are also laying tracks

With the birth of Hazy Lemon in July 2017, I was able to listen to many long lost gems and also like a sponge I began to write reams of songs which we have been looking back on. I do have to say what a great songwriting partner Martin Gilman is who turns up each Sunday evening and we jam

Sofa’s got plenty more to say and plenty more to do like a tumbling dice the way they bounce along the ground not knowing which number you will get and like life which twists and turns can swing you into a different direction and orbit………..when do we leave?