It was really uplifting to actually get Sofa moving in the right direction and bring in different musicians instead of having a band Sofa is now a brand so it’s changed in the right way at the right time. I couldn’t be happier

After a few rehearsals for the Sofa’s Next Single ‘Sinkin’ Down, ‘Magic’ Alex Ganley (Drums), Guy Jessop Braithwaite (Bass) & Carl Sutton ( Lead Guitar) headed over the Prism Studio in Hanley, Stoke-On- Trent to work with Shaun Lowe an experienced Engineer and Dreamweaver in the Industry
his beautiful Studio in the heart of Hanley puts you at ease and he listens to what you want to achieve and helps you to reach this goal.

The rain fell in Hanley and we proceeded to lay tracks which sounded really good as the day lay in front of us unfolded it was a day to look back on as productive we all worked as a team and wanted the same conclusion

Soon Guy and I laid the Bass and Guitar as a guide for Magic Alex to follow us down the line and we rebuilt the track each member focused on a dam good song. And why do I need to say that? well, after a few playthroughs you cannot get away from the very catchy chorus that runs and sticks in your bonce hours after which is a very good sign

Carl who had helped out with Sofa in the past laid is trippy solo down which is also very catchy and he was soon back in the studio listening back to his notes bounce across the room and we all liked what we were constructing

We were soon at the end of the day which went quite fast and a product was ready to have the vocal put on it and mixed.

Alex, Carl & Guy have done a ‘SOFATASTIC’ job for me and I take my hat off to them for their kind support and dedication a true team

Shaun also did a great job that day and the aim was completed. Sinkin’ Down will be a new phase in Sofa’s quite long discography on Itunes and Spotify and we are expanding with different session players coming in on my projects not just for the UK but from America and Australia. Split Sofa’s got a lot more to say