Having formed ‘Thyme’ in 1996 with fellow songwriter Paul cookie and releasing tapes of their songs to friends and family the band headed towards a heavier sound turning away from using acoustics songs. The partnership came to an end in May 1999 and Lewie carried on writing for a new project called ‘Split Sofa’ and planned to record a Maxi Single EP Called ‘Angerlistic Pillow’ which was released in October 1999

“It was a very rough project and I always wanted real drums on every sofa song which continues today. With Thyme folding we were heading to the heavier style of Sofa Rock, Space rock. I released it and got good feedback so I decided to do a full album from scratch and I was much happier with the sound, in fact the sound and recording got better each time I was experimenting and learning as I went along”




This was the first full album of split sofa written and recorded and released in the summer of 2002. It featured Lewi playing all the instruments with help from local musicians including Mick Strode (Ex Forevermore) Guitar songwriter. The songs on the album were tripping but the sound was more mellowed

“I enjoyed making that album I had moved into my own studio the shack and a drum kit was always set it and miked so we experimented with the drum sound more on this album. Mick was a great help and knew where I wanted to take the song luckily he wanted to do something different so it worked and into the following album”


 The sorcerer’s lullaby was another album working with Mick Strode but the songs were still growing.

“that was also an enjoyable album to make with Mick who also Produced the album but I was wanting to get back to the harshness of what sofa should be so I went and purchased a couple of grunge pedals and started to write a much heavier album”

DRAYLON (2005)

Draylon was a much heavier album and sold well

”I was out of work at the time when I had released this album I was recording every day and writing as I went along, the album does lack that drum sound which we had been building towards, but it does lack that punch”

DARK DAZE (2007)

The first EP to be recorded in a studio

“The blues band had broken up so I took the songs that we played at gigs and recorded them. They were pretty easy to play only a few chords to keep you interested and they rolled a long, folk said they liked them at gigs so we knew we weren’t just doing it for nothing this EP helped us to get gigs”

THE 7TH LEVEL (2007)

This album had electronic drums on it which demeaned the album and lost the depth

“My least favourite album”


The Mystical Reason Ep was the first material available on the internet

“I still love this little EP there is some good songs on this, although the production could have been better it still stands out as a songwriter finding his voice and craft and people are still downloading it so it cannot be that bad can it?”


The album was featured in Classic Rock Society Magazine and Classic Rock Magazine – Read More 

“I was very pleased that the album got reviewed by these music press and also reviewed online a few times

the songs really flowed and the production picked up it’s still downloaded a lot ”


Another Sofa Classic which was also reviewed in Magazine and reviewers

“someone once said this was a psychedelic album which it wasn’t meant to be and isn’t to me just a bunch of songs”

MOVE LIKE A SHADOW (Single) (2013)

The single release of Move Like A Shadow off Coloured Dream Album


” A really great album I loved writing it and the cover is brilliant it really sets the scene loads of piano work and an album that was a step up in writing”


Having written Thornby Park with Piano’s & Cello’s it was a more back to basic’s with Threadbare

“The EP was written for the band to perform and we did in The Cavern in Liverpool, It’s a nice sounding EP”


Written in the style of The Stones Roses

SHAME (2018  (Single)

Single Release

ONLY LOVE (2018) (Single)

Only love was the single from the self titled album


“This was always destined to be the last album I worked with a band, I wanted to go out with a rockish album and a lavish cover and pull out all the stops. The album cover was in MOJO Magazine and it was so fun to do. But I wanted to go solo and decided to just do that for now on. I love it I wish I had done it in 1999”


song recorded at Prism Studio, Hanley and Produced By Shaun Lowe

At the session Guy Jessop Braithwaite/ Lewi Guitars & Vocals / Carl Sutton Lead Guitar / Sandy Drums

MELT (2019)

“This was a new beginning for me and into a proper studio with a proper Producer Shaun Lowe

Melt was recorded at PRISM studio’s in Hanely by Producer Shaun Lowe

on the session was  Sally bass / Carl Sutton Lead Guitar / Lewi  Guitar all Vocals / Cedric Phillipe Drums

EMPTY SUN (2020)

A new sound and a new producer and location with Matt & Tom Bishop at INSPIRE studio in the beautiful Stone countryside. Lewi Begin’s his solo career with a song that’s already made waves, on BBC Radio and Internet radio globally. This is the lead Single taken off the album Circle Of Days to be released soon


The Second Single Release from the album ‘Circle Of Days’