Circle of days Split Sofa’s ninth album is two years in the making. The 12-song album is near completion with a release date not yet planned it is hoped that the album will be out later in the year. 

A single from the album Empty Sun’ was released in 2020 a track taken off the Circle Of Days and a new single ‘Forever more’ In May 2022

You became a solo artist in 2018 

Yes, I was frustrated beyond belief with Sofa being a band. I couldn’t get to where I wanted to be and was exhausted with it all. I hated singing the old set and wanted to expand but couldn’t. I needed a small string quartet and a brass section to put over my new material. I couldn’t be bothered. I am so glad I made the jump into the recording studio and worked with a producer and session players. I will not be doing a band again I cannot be bothered with all the crap that comes with it

You first worked with one of the UK’s Top Producers Shaun Lowe

Yes, I went and had a chat with Shaun at his studio in Hanley Stoke on Trent and recorded two songs with him and some guys I picked. Sinking Down and a rehash of Melt which I thought the original was crap

Then you moved to Inspire Studio with Matt Bishop

Yes, my home now. I just clicked with him and off we went. I am glad I made that decision it seemed right. I have nothing against Shaun it was all about cost at the time. I went a few times and decided to do Sofa’s next album with him and just as I started Lockdown came and he carried on laying guitars through and we slowly got the project off the ground. Tom Bishop did the drums and Chris Cliff did the bass on a few tracks and also Tom is a good bass player as well.

Where are you with Circle of days album?

Chris is coming in to redo the bass on a couple of tracks to replace my efforts. I just feel it needs him to lift the track and he is much better than I am. My efforts are okay but I need that certain feeling that Chris can give it 

so that’s going to happen soon. I am also bringing in a violin player to add her parts to a couple of tracks same as above to lift the tracks I also need a few backing singers on 4 tracks. I visualized a choir but we cannot find one who will commit so we might have to do that ourselves and round some folk up to help me out.

Are we looking for a 2022 release of the album?

Hopefully, yes but I am not releasing something that I am not happy with so whenever that will be. The cover is all done it was done during the first lockdown and done in 20 mins. It felt great to be able to arrange something without going through the band thing. Very liberating.

Are any more songs in the pipeline?

Oh Yes. There is another album done and a few songs to add to that as well. I have them all recorded quickly so I can go back to them and add parts so the sofa glass is more than half full

What are your favorite albums from the sofa back catalog?

Well, that’s a hard one to answer. Maybe The Gathering, which still sells well, and Coloured dream they do very well in sales. I do like Threadbare EP which is raw and recorded in a great atmosphere. The self-titled album which sold very well was my last effort with a band is a favorite. I like the bass which was more melodic than usual. But I do have to say Circle of days is my top favorite as I wrote that without thinking of a band and was just myself so it was like being liberated from a bad dream that comes over. the tracks on the album well the old band wouldn’t be able to play them so it was nice to just let go and have things on there that I wouldn’t be able to do live.

Have you a favorite sofa track?

Yes, Empty Sun is my top song which is the new me so I am going to like it but things change as we go along

So what does the future hold for Sofa?

Whatever it is. It’s good. Signing a contract with play licensing in Canada was a highlight in November last year that was a highlight for me and you never know. There is hell of a lot more songs to come so watch this space.