Are you happier being a solo artist now?

Oh, absolutely the live sofa band was a complete waste of time from start to finish, you have to realize that no one is more dedicated than you and will put that time in. There was a lot of messing me about and in the end, I wouldn’t stand for it. Stupid excuses not to come over. Some humdingers would be said and if anything happened it would always be on the very night we had band rehearsals. I was stopped from doing The Cavern 2019 although I was doing it for the wrong reasons anyway in my heart I didn’t really want to do anymore and had put in place in the fall of 2018 to drop the band and do what I am doing now which I wished I had done years before

So Sofa will never gig again?

No not with the same attitude I would love to get some session people in cause they want to do music but I cannot see doing it in this country. But I have done it now I am the sort of person who doesn’t press the repeat button I hate doing the same thing so I don’t have any plans to reform sofa why do that I have done it and what a pain it was

What was your Favorite Gig?

The Cavern the first time we rocked the place but you only get two slots of half-hour so it was great but the line up didn’t want to return so I felt I was used to just say they had played there but I wanted to expand and sofa could never expand because we never got together regularly so it stayed stuck in time and my songwriting had expanded so Sofa Live just stayed in 2006 while I had evolved onward. I wanted to write with the band and jam and try to evolve a little but in the end, they didn’t so I called it a day thankfully

Making that change you must have missed the banter or someone adding their idea?

No, not all, I wished I had listened to my gut instinct in 2006 and stayed solo.

So you decided to enter the studio to do a new Single in May 2019?

Yes, Prism studio in Hanley run by a great guy and great Producer Shaun Lowe, he gave me much encouragement and showed a lot of interested and I knew I had made the right decision turning solo although you have to remember that I want to work with other musicians and another recording studio’s I need to keep pushing myself and don’t want to settle into a routine because routine is boring to me so I like to change it around a bit. I Released ‘Sinkin Down’ and later in the year I backtracked and re-recorded the single “Melt” I felt the original was terrible and was way too slow.

So we come to the end of 2019 and you have reinvented your image and become a solo artist

Yes at last.