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April 2020

Lewi Interview 2020

By |April 11th, 2020|

Are you happier being a solo artist now?

Oh, absolutely the live sofa band was a complete waste of time from start to finish, you have to realize that no one is more dedicated than you and will put that time in. There was a lot of messing me about and in the end, I wouldn’t stand for it. Stupid excuses not to come over. Some humdingers would be said and if anything happened it would always be on the very night we had band rehearsals. I was stopped from doing The Cavern 2019 although I was doing it for the wrong reasons anyway in my heart I didn’t really want to do anymore and had put in place in the fall of 2018 to drop the band and do what I am doing now which I wished I had done years before

So Sofa will never gig again?

No not with the same attitude I would love to get some session people in cause they want to do music but I cannot see doing it in this country. But I have done it now I am the sort of person who doesn’t press the repeat button I hate doing the same thing so I don’t have any plans to reform sofa why do that I have done it and what a pain it was

What was your Favorite Gig?

The Cavern the first time we rocked the place but you only get two slots of half-hour so it was great but the line up didn’t want to return so I felt I was used to just say they had played there but I wanted to expand and sofa could never expand because we never got together regularly so it stayed stuck in time and my songwriting had expanded so Sofa Live just stayed in 2006 while I had evolved onward. I wanted to write with the band and jam and try to evolve a little but in the end, they didn’t so I called it a day thankfully

Making that change you must have missed the banter or someone adding their idea?

No, not all, I wished I had listened to my gut instinct in 2006 and stayed solo.

So you decided to enter the studio to do a new Single in May 2019?

Yes, Prism studio in Hanley run by a great guy and great Producer Shaun Lowe, he gave me much encouragement and showed a lot of interested and I knew I had made the right decision turning solo although you have to remember that I want to work with other musicians and another recording studio’s I need to keep pushing myself and don’t want to settle into a routine because routine is boring to me so I like to change it around a bit. I Released ‘Sinkin Down’ and later in the year I backtracked and re-recorded the single “Melt” I felt the original was terrible and was way too slow.

So we come to the end of 2019 and you have reinvented your image and become a solo artist

Yes at last.

March 2020

Flying High

By |March 18th, 2020|

A lot has happened since my last post a whole year ago and I am so pleased to say that I have never been happier with the Sofa brand

Since knocking the live band on the head in March 2019 which was a huge relief I am now a solo artist who works with different session people which I find a breath of fresh air. I can, however, state that Split Sofa band is dead a buried

Since this event, the songs have been flowing and I started work on Sofa’s next album to include a ray of different musicians and it’s the only project I am excited about. This project will commence through 2020 and into the summer of 2021

June 2019

Takin’ A giant Step

By |June 16th, 2019|

It was really uplifting to actually get Sofa moving in the right direction and bring in different musicians instead of having a band Sofa is now a brand so it’s changed in the right way at the right time. I couldn’t be happier

After a few rehearsals for the Sofa’s Next Single ‘Sinkin’ Down, ‘Magic’ Alex Ganley (Drums), Guy Jessop Braithwaite (Bass) & Carl Sutton ( Lead Guitar) headed over the Prism Studio in Hanley, Stoke-On- Trent to work with Shaun Lowe an experienced Engineer and Dreamweaver in the Industry
his beautiful Studio in the heart of Hanley puts you at ease and he listens to what you want to achieve and helps you to reach this goal.

The rain fell in Hanley and we proceeded to lay tracks which sounded really good as the day lay in front of us unfolded it was a day to look back on as productive we all worked as a team and wanted the same conclusion

Soon Guy and I laid the Bass and Guitar as a guide for Magic Alex to follow us down the line and we rebuilt the track each member focused on a dam good song. And why do I need to say that? well, after a few playthroughs you cannot get away from the very catchy chorus that runs and sticks in your bonce hours after which is a very good sign

Carl who had helped out with Sofa in the past laid is trippy solo down which is also very catchy and he was soon back in the studio listening back to his notes bounce across the room and we all liked what we were constructing

We were soon at the end of the day which went quite fast and a product was ready to have the vocal put on it and mixed.

Alex, Carl & Guy have done a ‘SOFATASTIC’ job for me and I take my hat off to them for their kind support and dedication a true team

Shaun also did a great job that day and the aim was completed. Sinkin’ Down will be a new phase in Sofa’s quite long discography on Itunes and Spotify and we are expanding with different session players coming in on my projects not just for the UK but from America and Australia. Split Sofa’s got a lot more to say

February 2019

Green Smoke

By |February 21st, 2019|

If there is one question that I am asked about more than most is where did the name Split Sofa come from?

For years I couldn’t piece it together at all until I came to writing the history of sofa rock for the Archeology series which is now going into book form

So we have to go back to 1999 and songwriting with my old school Pal Paul Cook who I now do HAZY LEMON podcast with. We decided to have a flow of songs which linked together with a suite of songs which lead to the finished song title called ” A Three Piece suite”

With that in Mind a stupid joke which I made up somehow stuck
“Did You Hear about the band Split Sofa? – They formed a 3 piece – yeah I know not funny really but that name came out of nowhere so I assume that while we were working on that song it was a Kosmic Happening

At first, I was kinda ashamed of the name but people liked it so I embraced it and over time we have become known on Itunes and all the other downloadable ventures you wanna go down.

Split Sofa has been on the web since 2005 and the five-year plan was to just record and get enough material on the main sites to show over time what songs we have done and the versatility of my songwriting showing the growth and maturity and the evolving growth of Sofa Rock

So the show goes on within you or without you

Tumbling Dice

By |February 8th, 2019|

Now that the album is out there is still much to do in the sofa camp. We are getting ready for a return to Liverpool and the brilliant International Pop Overthrow festival in May, Pete’s already booked his room so he’s in for a great weekend and so the many thousands that flock to this magical city

Believe me, while the album was being put together a whole bunch of other songs were written in the meantime so while we are rehearsing for our Liverpool return we are also laying tracks

With the birth of Hazy Lemon in July 2017, I was able to listen to many long lost gems and also like a sponge I began to write reams of songs which we have been looking back on. I do have to say what a great songwriting partner Martin Gilman is who turns up each Sunday evening and we jam

Sofa’s got plenty more to say and plenty more to do like a tumbling dice the way they bounce along the ground not knowing which number you will get and like life which twists and turns can swing you into a different direction and orbit………..when do we leave?


By |February 2nd, 2019|

It’s been a busy time for Sofa and the last 22 months I have had great support from Joe, Martin, Pete & Magic Alex they have been my rock and jumped into the making of my all-time favorite sofa album

Most of the songs were written as we went along and I would present them to the guys, It wasn’t till February 2018 that I began to think of a cover. With trepidation, I told the guys I wanted to re-create the famous Abbey Road cover but In Station Road Hatton
No one batted an eyelid and I was pleased and set about planning it, I love that cover it’s my favorite cover for Sofa it really is a good cover and one that stands us out

I was so lucky to find Micheal who mixed the album for us he’s been a great laugh and support, He found the bass playing very flourishing on this album and could tell that Pete and Alex played together, “Hey Dude you got a powerhouse their man”

With the new album in the March Issue Of Mojo Magazine, I was proud to see the advert next to Dave Bowie a true icon and maybe a sign.