“A Late 1960’s Influence, with a 21 Century Twist”

Split Sofa is a brand established by Derbyshire Solo Artist Lewi Docksey for over 20 years releasing his unique style of music called ‘Sofa Rock’

Having written, recorded and produced over 8 albums of his own music and numerous Single & Ep’s. Lewi’s  been on itunes since 2005 check them out:

Sofa has also been in music publications Classic Rock Magazine & Prog Magazine. Reviews for Sofa can be found on several music web sites such as:,, &

Split Sofa have played at various music festivals and live venues across the UK. A dream gig came to life thanks to David Bash founder and CEO of the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival in 2014 when he asked if Spilt Sofa would perform at The Cavern Club Liverpool. Sofa played the festival until 2018


Split Sofa was born out of a recording project ‘Thyme’ 1996 – 1999). The first release was an EP titled ‘ Angerlistic Pillow’

Martin Gilman joined the band became my songwriting buddy and would meet up every Sunday for him to add acoustic to a new song or jam and write something new together

By 2005 Split Sofa released their first EP on Itunes and were now at Last Global. A Facebook account was set up and we began to attract a fanbase
Lewi drew up a 10-year business plan which was to release as much material and build upon our discography in the hope of media exposure

In that time, The Seventh Level, The Gathering, Coloured Dream, Move Like A Shadow, Thornby Park, A Christmas Single were all released showing a step up in production and quality of songs always in the background, the band were writing and recording ‘ The Gathering’ released 2010 to much acclaim, Alan Jones reviewed the album on, he said: 

”The Gathering is the band’s fifth album and, for someone like myself who’s never really been into psychedelia (with the valiant exception of the wonderful Ozric Tentacles), I approached this review with a certain amount of skepticism. I shouldn’t have. This is an excellent album” and he states “I would describe the entire work as a triumphant psychedelic trip without the need of the tabs”.

The Gathering was also reviewed by The Rock Society Magazine was described the album as

‘There is a definitive feel of late sixties Move / Beatles-esque Psychedelic Pop Sensibility permeating several of the tracks here, while a languid melodic feel reminiscent of Obscured by clouds – era Pink Floyd is evident. Elsewhere, and it all adds up to a pleasant, well-executed, relaxing listen”.

Through 2011 & 2012 the band recorded ‘Coloured Dream’ which was reviewed in Classic Rock magazine by Geoff Brittian,

“With their influences rooted firmly in British 6o’s psychedelia. Midlands band Split Sofa’s sixth album is full of deceptively lightweight Songs that impinge on your consciousness like hazy whispers. Highlights are the winsome Lennon-esque Until Tomorrow and the jangly Lovely day which could be a summer hit with more lavish production”.

Powerplay magazine also saw the album as “The music on here is kinda laid back, to the point of horizontal; It’s very summery and melodic. Split sofa are a bit of a throwback. They love the sixties and are content to stay there, playing psychedelic Rock and singing about the summer of love, but rather than being from The west coast there’ll from the East Midlands”.

Sofa were so honored to be asked to play The Cavern In Liverpool for The International Pop Overthrow Festival in 2014 which the band did until 2019.

With more focus on writng and recording the live band were finally shelved for good. Wanting to work with other session guys Lewi started working with Shaun Lowe Record Producer on new material. The first single realeased was ‘ Sinking Down’ followed by ‘Melt’ in 2019 for 2020 watch this space

With now being a solo artist Lewi can concentrate more time on writing and doing what he does best Write ‘Sofa Rock

Sofa’s got a lot more to say…….



Sofa Rock takes its elements from the influences of bands that fall under the umbrella of Psychedelic Pop / Rock  & Progressive rock of the late 1960s,  Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Small Faces, The Action, The Who, Donovan, Caravan, Icarus & The Creation, to name a few, but also Sofa influences can be found in modern music including The Verve, Pilot Speed, Sparkadia, Kula Shaker, Blur, Oasis & Snow Patrol.



The Cavern Pub & Club (Liverpool)

IPO Festival (2018)

The Cavern Pub & Club (Liverpool)

IPO Festival (2017)

Caverndish Arms (Doveridge)

The wicket (Admaston)

The Wicket Festival (admaston)

Night Of The Dog Festival (2009 & 2011)

The Wetmore WhistleThe Institute (Tutbury)

The Dog (Tutbury)

Pokey Hole (Moria)

Supporting Maz Matrenko band

Pokey Hole (Moria) Supporting Ezio

The Cavern (Liverpool)

IPO Festival (2014 & 2015)

The Cavern Pub (Liverpool)

IPO Festival (2014)

Dovestock Festival (Every year)

Pokey Hole (moria) Supporting The ELO Experience