It’s been a busy time for Sofa and the last 22 months I have had great support from Joe, Martin, Pete & Magic Alex they have been my rock and jumped into the making of my all-time favorite sofa album

Most of the songs were written as we went along and I would present them to the guys, It wasn’t till February 2018 that I began to think of a cover. With trepidation, I told the guys I wanted to re-create the famous Abbey Road cover but In Station Road Hatton
No one batted an eyelid and I was pleased and set about planning it, I love that cover it’s my favorite cover for Sofa it really is a good cover and one that stands us out

I was so lucky to find Micheal who mixed the album for us he’s been a great laugh and support, He found the bass playing very flourishing on this album and could tell that Pete and Alex played together, “Hey Dude you got a powerhouse their man”

With the new album in the March Issue Of Mojo Magazine, I was proud to see the advert next to Dave Bowie a true icon and maybe a sign.