The Road leads Here!

By |August 9th, 2020|

In a small Staffordshire Studio in the middle of nowhere, there is magic being made. Lewi D founder and Sofatastic magician who put together Split Sofa Over 20 years ago is recording Sofa’s Ninth album ‘Circle of Days’

Lewi’s been working with producer & musician Matt Bishop who runs Inspire Music in the beautiful countryside of Stone Since March 2020

“It’s a beautiful place to work,” says Lewi who decided in 2019 to become a solo artist and drop the Live band of Split Sofa

“it’s just a progression as an artist, you cannot write, record & look for gigs all at once too many things to juggle, working with Matt he is so on my page and it’s a huge help working with someone who knows what you want’’

Plans for the ‘Circle of Days’ began in March 2020 Lewi Add’s ‘’ I wasn’t going to do another album as I kinda had planned that the self-titled album with the crossing in Hatton was going to be the last and I was just going to release singles but when I met Matt I block booked the studio for a year and a half’’

Intending to just lay down tracks the album began to take shape with 4 songs completed in a few weeks Lewi added “We just used ZOOM to lay tracks during the lockdown and Tom the session drummer recorded the four songs in one day so we are well on schedule in Sofa Time anyway’’

It’s now 20 years since Split Sofa was formed and they have achieved quite a bit in that time including playing the Cavern In Liverpool 6 Times for ‘The International Pop Overthrow Festival’, getting onto two compilation albums for the power pop genre

The Circle Of Days Session will continue for the rest of 2020 with a single released in the fall of 2020 called ‘ Look @ The Sky’ This single will not, however, be apart of the album Lewi told me

‘This is the last of the guitar, bass & drum songs to be released after that Sofa will release something I have never done before and something we have never released before a new sofa sound absolutely, a progression a new colour totally’’

So, there you go something to look forward to in the future