Get ready to groove! Split Sofa’s latest single GOKULA is out now on BANDCAMP & SPOTIFY Stream it, download it, and let the music take you to another dimension


Split Sofa is established by Derbyshire Solo Artist Lewis Docksey for over 20 years releasing his unique style of music called ‘Sofa Rock’ known on BBC Radio as “A veteran of the scene” – SOFATASTIC!!

Having written, recorded and produced over 8 albums of his own music and numerous Single & Ep’s. Sofa’s been on iTunes since 2005 check them out:


“With their influences rooted firmly in British 6o’s psychedelia. Midlands band Split Sofa’s sixth album is full of deceptively lightweight Songs that impinge on your consciousness like hazy whispers. Highlights are the winsome Lennon-esque Until Tomorrow and the jangly Lovely day which could be a summer hit with more lavish production”. Classic Rock magazine by Geoff Brittian

‘There is a definitive feel of late sixties Move / Beatles-Esque Psychedelic Pop Sensibility permeating several of the tracks here, while a languid melodic feel reminiscent of Obscured by clouds – era Pink Floyd is evident. Elsewhere, and it all adds up to a pleasant, well-executed, relaxing listen” – The Rock Society Magazine

“A Late 1960’s Influence, with a 21 Century Twist”

Throughout 2024 Lewie will be laying down tracks at inspire recording studios based in Stone, Staffordshire for the 10th Split Sofa album. Recording started in the summer of 2023 and there is no plans to release it any day soon But a single from the album have been pencilled in for the summer of 2024.